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Are you worried about  potential infection of COVID-19 in your home or vehicle.

To help restore confidence in your family again . That your home is safe to live in, get in touch with UCC Infection control specialists. 

Infection control and contamination within your home is hugely important to your family and wellbeing of you and your loved ones. 

Our specialist infection team can offer a virus containment package to minimise the impact of virus and infection outbreaks.

Our deep cleaning and decontamination process will guarantee an in depth controlled clean of all affected areas and eliminate the risk of further contamination.
Our Services

Medi-Mist advanced fogging
Touch point sanitising
Disinfection cleaning
Emergency response

Our latest Medi-Mist formula provides that extra protection and prevention against bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other organisms. Our fast evaporating dry Medi-Mist will reach all areas, including the air and electronics, with a kill rate of 99.9999% to all harmful mico-organisms.

Coronavirus Disinfection Specialists

Protect your environment with our hospital-grade disinfectant and decontamination services. We have developed successful methods to contain and eliminate the presentation of coronavirus (covid-19) along with other harmful diseases and bacteria.
With our rapid response rate we are able to deliver a fully secure decontamination and deep cleaning service to your facility whether that is in the private or public sector. 

If you suspect your site or premise to have been infected with coronavirus, call us to arrange a full disinfection, which will then be followed by a wipe down and cleaning ensuring all hazards are remediated and premises hygiene is restored.

How we ensure containment

Install site containment area
Waste storage within double layer 1000 gauge plastic
3 stage decontamination unit

Disinfection spray
Medi-Mist fogging
Touchpoint sanitising
360 Hard surface wipedown
Where we operate

Make your home or vehicle safe again for your family and friends.

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