Carpet And Rugs

Carpet And Rugs

Fast drying and deep cleaning of all types of woven and tufted carpet. All types of rugs are cleaned,refreshed and restored to their former glory.
Carpet And Rugs

Upholstery Cleaning

Rejuvenates the contrast, appearance and smell of your upholstery. Protect your investment in fabrics and prevent troublesome stains.
Carpet And Rugs

Mattress Cleaning

Removes dust mites and unwanted smells and stains from your mattress. Your spots and stains will disappear from sight on all of your furnishings.
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Carpet Cleaning Glasgow

Professional Urban Cleaning Company: Your Dependable Partner for Deep Clean Carpet and Upholstery Services in Glasgow

UCC, Carpet Cleaning Glasgow.

At UCC, we strongly believe in providing our customers with a high-quality professional deep clean service. With this in mind, all our technicians have been fully-trained and insured to the highest standards. We take pride in our work and strive to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Service available Carpets, Rugs, hard flooring , Upholstery, Mattress. Sanitising and disinfecting any hard or soft surfaces. All of these services includes an unconditional money back guarantee to ensure you get 100% customer satisfaction with no hassle or hidden costs for your carpet cleaning Glasgow.

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